Wat Mahathat

Wat Mahathat

The most important temple in Sukhothai. The name Wat Mahathat means Temple of the Great Relic.

Built between 1292 and 347 by Sri Indraditya it was the primary temple of both the city and the Sukhothai Kingdom.

The design of the temple is based on a mandala (a circular figure representing the Universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism). The central stupa built in 1345 to enshrine relics of the Buddha is surrounded by eight smaller stupas. The main stupa in built in the shape of a lotus bud typical of the Sukhothai style. The temple base has 168 stuccoed sculptures of Buddhist disciples with hands clasped in salutation gesture.

The eight surrounding stupas are of two styles. The four corner stupas are Mon style whilst those along the walls are Khmer style.

Either side if the main stupa is a large (9m/30 ft) Buddha image.

The temple includes an vihara (Assembly Hall), mandapa, Ordination Hall and another 200 stupas.


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