Trying To Avoid Paris

From the photo above, these signs are everywhere along the roads and “Partageons” means “Share” (i.e. share the road with cyclists – reminder to drivers).

Choice seems to be to go to the north or south of Paris. Both look a bit hilly but south looks worse so I’ve decided to go round the north. So, with another hot forecast I set off very early again heading for a small town called Anet (about 40 miles west of the centre of Paris).

I was a little worried about one hill on the route. The graph below shows the altitude along my route, departure from Chartres at the left, arrival in Anet on the right.

Altitude profile for ride Chartres to Anet

Altitude profile for ride Chartres to Anet

The “concern” is obvious but when I got there I managed to ride up fine, no getting off and pushing! (maybe the rest day helped but these graphs can look worse than they really are.

My route took me through the Fôret Domaniale de Dreux and riding a long straight road, no cars around I saw a fouine scamper across the road in front of me. Brief but reminded me of the family I used to have living in my roof.

In another municipal campsite today. On the different campsites I’ve been noticing caravans that look like they’ve not moved in years. Some have wooden decking, lawns, flower beds, etc.. Apparently some people long term rent a camping space and use it as a holiday home, either living there full time or even renting it out to others. Today’s campsite is an extreme case of this with virtually every plot taken by caravans that clearly have not moved in years (some of the flower beds blocking them in have taken a few years to grow).

Last two nights (in Chartres) I’ve been eaten alive by biting bugs (to the point where sitting on the saddle today was a bit uncomfortable). So today I am yet again camping on the banks of L’Eure (same river as last two nights) except today it’s a bit faster flowing so I’m hoping it won’t be quite so bad. To illustrate the contrast and what today’s campsite is like, picture looking out of my tent

Anet Campsite[

Anet Campsite

Whilst in the opposite direction
Anet Campsite

Anet Campsite

Up to Chartres the road surfaces have been fantastic, I’d only seen two potholes the entire trip. But suddenly leaving Chartres northbound the roads are terrible, on a par with Norfolk (UK). They improved a little after 15 miles from Chartres but nothing like as good as I’ve had before Chartres.

Chartres to Anet

Today 42 miles.


Altitude Profile

The full route for the French part is at France 2018 Cycling

The full route for the entire trip is at Europe 2018 Cycling
Anet does have its Château imaginatively called Château d’Anet. Pictures below are a “gallery” so tap on top left and it will enlarge and you can swipe through them or use the arrows to the left and right of the photo.

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