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Finding a suitable destination for today was quite a challenge, with no really good solution. I don’t really want to stay in Amsterdam. Campsites north of Amsterdam are a bit close whilst on the far side of Amsterdam they are a bit sparse (partly because several are naturist campsites and another closed for their son’s wedding). So I’ve had to go for staying north of Amsterdam, but it will allow me to take a nicer and longer route to get there.

I wanted to take the coast route along the dike to visit old remembered place names but my GPS wanted to go inland. It became something of a test of determination. At every junction the GPS would tell me to turn right (inland). I’d ignore it so it would start telling me to do a U-turn. I’d ignore it until eventually it noticed another junction coming so it would start telling me to turn right again, etc., etc. But I stuck to the coast path to Monnickendam.

So, today’s tour of old place names
Hoorn – nice place (couple of photos below, but it was very overcast).

Edam – (I don’t remember visiting Edam but I certainly recognise the name) looked more residential and I didn’t pass any cheese shops.

Volendam – crammed packed full of Chinese tourists. Loads of really tacky tourist shops selling complete rubbish (e.g. slippers shaped like clogs).

Monnickendam – busy but more with locals shopping from street stalls. I got rather lost in the town and it took some time for me to find a way out in the direction I needed to head.

The trouble with going through all these places with familiar names is that, whilst I remember their names, I don’t remember the places. And I’m sure that over the last more than 40 years they have changed massively and grown significantly. But it’s fun riding through them remembering their names from so many years ago.

And then I headed inland for tonight’s campsite at Landsmeer. Landsmeer seemed the best choice as it’s not Amsterdam but is only 4 miles north of the city centre. It’s not part of the Amsterdam conurbation and has a fair amount of open countryside and waterways separating from the city. Also, it leaves me better choice for whichever direction I might chose next. Bit of a frenetic campsite, no reception and this lady who speaks only dutch rides round on her bike organising everything.

Rather dull overcast day that looks like it might rain at any moment. Cold and a bit of a struggle into a stronger than forecast headwind. But nothing too terrible and enjoyable in seeing the towns along the route.

Hoorn, Netherlands

Hoorn, Netherlands

Hoorn, Netherlands

Hoorn, Netherlands

Hoorn to Landsmeer

Today 35 miles.


Altitude Profile

Just two overall maps, one for the Netherlands and one for the entire trip.
The full route for the Dutch part is at Netherlands 2018 Cycling
The full route for the trip is at Europe 2018 Cycling

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