Canal du Rhône au Rhin - Branche Sud

Seurre to Dole

Eurovelo 6 - FranceLegs feeling a bit better after yesterday (and a German couple gave me some magic cream that they said would help which was very kind of them).

For the next part I have to plan a bit by what campsites are available. Today the campsite was only a 32 mile (53 Km) ride. There is another campsite 10 miles (16 Km) further on which would have been a better ride and put me in a better position for the following day but I found out from other cyclists that it is a tiny campsite and the village has nothing, no shops, no restaurants, nothing so for me it was no help.

Today’s ride started off partly alongside the river La Saône (having camped on the banks of La Saône last night). Then Eurovelo 6 follows the Canal du Rhône au Rhin – Branche Sud finishing along the banks of the river Le Doubs.

The Canal du Rhône au Rhin is described as an important “watershed canal” connecting the Rhine to the Saône and the Rhône and thereby the North Sea and the Mediterranean.

The first half of the path today was on horrible surfaces, lose shingle, poorly patched roads, rocks sticking up. Progress was slow because on the shingle you can slide around (and fall off if you get it wrong) and on the bumpy bits it’s just very uncomfortable. Then after the village of Losne the path surface mostly improved a lot, good condition tarmac; a few poorer bits but mostly good.

I’ve definitely lost the “bad” (rainy) weather for a bit. But it’s swung the other way where I’m going to have to plan including the weather. I’m now getting into a hillier region and the temperatures are forecast to get rather high (up to 40℃ by next Thursday).

First part of todays ride was also on La Voie Bleue de la Saône but the signs for that path have ended and that cycle path has branched off northwards.

Seurre to Dole

Today 33 miles (53 Km).

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The full route for the French part is at France 2019 Cycling

The full route for the entire trip is at Europe 2019 Cycling

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