Performance and Speed

Any web site has to balance performance and load speed against content quality. A web site can be made to load faster and appear more responsive through reducing the size and thus quality of images, by reducing the number of images, maps, content, etc. So any author has a choice to make between factors like image size/quality against fast performance and load time.

This site has chosen to set that “balance” towards the higher quality and richer content hopefully without impacting load times and performance too much.

Video includes a few videos within some pages. These videos are delivered from rather than any 3rd party service such as (Google), etc..

This does impact initial video load performance. When you click the “play” button you’ll get the spinning circle then there will be a pause while nothing visual happens but the video will still be loading.

Youtube and other video services would load the videos faster but they badly impact the video quality (e.g. strange artefacts appear from excessive compression). Additionally these 3rd party sites use cookies outside the control of with the intent to track your online browsing. feels it wrong to require Google be helped to track your online behaviour just so you can view content owned by and published by

So the slower performance is to ensure the video quality and to avoid your being further tracked and monitored by Google or other 3rd parties (i.e. to protect your privacy).

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