Flevopolder Dyke

Lelystad to Hilversum

(Above picture from today’s ride, 8 miles or 13 Km to the next turning)

I did visit this area last year (I Lived There), but I’m on a very different route this year and there’s bound to be some overlap.

Now we are getting a mini and not too extreme heatwave, though probably better described as some warmer weather after my earlier 40℃ days in France. But there are “orange” warnings out. And they are forecasting 38℃ for tomorrow.

So further south along the outskirts of the Flevopolder, along the Markermeer shore down to Almere (good place is Almere but I didn’t stop as it’s far to close to last night at Lelystad).

Tonight just south of Hilversum (I used to live in the western side).

Legs still tired but a good ride with varied scenery. Rode down from Lelystad to Almere on the Flevopolder dyke beside the Markermeer. Then over the bridge and inland and around Hilversum (avoiding the built-up areas).

Lelystad to Hilversum

Today 44 miles miles (70 Km).

Altitude Profile


The full route for the Netherlands part is at Netherlands 2019 Cycling

The full route for the entire trip is at Europe 2019 Cycling

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