Huaca de la Luna, Trujillo

The Huaca de Moche complex is formed by Huaca de la Luna and Huaca del Sol, forming the Moche capital city Cerro Blanco. The complex lies just outside Trujillo. Only Huaca de la Luna is open to the public.

Huaca de la Luna is a large adobe temple complex built by the Moche culture. Although smaller than Huaca del Sol, Huaca de la Luna has revealed more archaeological information. It is thoughtbthat Huaca del Sol was the adminsitrative, military and residential centre whilst Huaca de la Luna was for ceremonial and religious purposes, though both sites contain burials.

Huaca del Sol was looted by Spanish conquistadors in the 17th centuary whilst Huaca de la Luna was left relatively untouched.

Later bricks used in the construction bear one of over 100 different markings (see above). It is thought that each brick making team was assigned it’s unique “marking” and bricks were labelled for both financial and competitive purposes.

Huaca de la Luna complises 3 main platforms serving different purposes. The northernmost platform was destroyed by looters so little is known about it. The central platform was primarily used for burrials of high status religious leaders whilst the eastern platform was for human sacrifice rituals.


The site is only 4 Km from Trujillo and, whilst there are plenty of tours, it can easily be reached by taxi. Shortly before reaching the site is the associated small museum where tickets to the site are purchased. It is required that a guided tour be taken round the site and the costs of a site official guide is included in the entrance ticket. Spanish and English speaking guides are supposedly available but in low season there may be no English speaking guides available. Get back to Trujillo either by taxi or Colectivo.


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