Hardenberg to Stadskanaal Windmill

Hardenberg to Stadskanaal

An early start only because that’s when I woke-up. Departed campsite by 7:00 am (6:00 am UK time). It was a pretty dreadful campsite at least for me, I suspect that it was just what families with young kids wanted.

Weather forecast for dull, cloudy overcast and that is what happened. I continued heading north to a town called Stadskanaal, south east of Groningen and about 10 miles (16 Km) from the German border. The town is named after … the canal. Between 1800 and 1900 the area was ideal for peat mining and the canal was built to ship the peat to Groningen.

Despite the weather and my bum and feeling a but worn down, it was an enjoyable ride. Variable with continually changing scenery. One minute in a town, then in a wooded area, then open arable fields, etc.. And on a few brief occasions the Sun did appear.

Tonight’s campsite is a complete contrast to yesterdays. Only one other person staying, but that’s mainly because it’s closed and the owners are away on holiday. I arrived, saw the “closed” sign on the reception door and was standing not really wanting to seek out an alternative when this farm worker arrives, explains about the owners being on holiday and that they might get back this afternoon. So I ask if I can go and chose a place and setup and he probably says yes (his English was not great). But the toilets and showers are open and he pointed me to the camping area so I guess I’m staying here tonight. It’s a Boerderij campsite (on a farm, hence the farm worker) and it’s really nice. A flat field that would make a good bowling green it’s in such good condition.

I’m getting more optimistic about the weather as tomorrow is still forecast to be better and the Sun has been making more appearances since I setup my tent.

Single Use Plastics

It always used to surprise me how in the UK we can only buy cucumbers wrapped in plastic (single use, tear off and discard for landfill). We seem to need plastic whilst in France, Germany and Netherlands (and probably elsewhere) they seem to manage fine without wrapping their cucumbers in plastic. If their supermarkets can manage it and if their shoppers are happy with it, given the drive to reduce single use plastics, why can’t the UK cope with unwrapped cucumbers?

Hardenberg to Stadskanaal

Today 50 miles miles (80 Km).

Altitude Profile


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