Drusenheim (FR) - Greffern (DE) Ferry

Gerstheim to Stollhofen

Continuing along Eurovelo 15 along Le Rhin/Rhein (and in places the Canal du Rhône au Rhin and Canal de Décharge de l’Ill). North, up through Strasbourg then ferry across the Rhine into Germany and a bit further north to the campsite.

Today’s weather forecast was very hot (up to 37℃) so a very early start departing Gerstheim by 06:00 am (05:00 am UK time). Also forecast was a nice tailwind to help me along but that never materialised. A very flat ride which was nice. Plenty of variety, canal, river, city and forest. In the forest I saw a fouine (Stone Marten) sitting on the cycle path. My approach disturbed it so it and it ran away but along the cycle path so I got to see it properly. Fouines are rather special for me as I had a family (parents and youngsters) living in my roof when I was living in France.

Tonight I’m in a massive campsite in Stollhofen in Germany. Just on the German banks of the Rhine. There is a small free ferry between Drusenheim (FR) and Greffern (DE) that just keeps running backs and forwards across the Rhine, only takes a few minutes and when I crossed it seems to be taking more cyclists than cars – though day cyclists.

The campsite is more of a holiday resort than campsite with loads of longterm rentals as well as loads of day ticket visitors. A hot sunny Sunday and somewhere that has two large swimming lakes, grassy banks for sunbathing, etc. – there were massive queues at the day ticket office when I arrived (which I jumped as I was camping). Bit of hard work getting setup as I took the place reception assigned but then some official came along and moved me. But I decided I was not happy with the new pitch so I went back and said I wanted somewhere else, so they called the official who gave me another spot. But then a German couple came over and said how the tree above was full of birds and night and last night their tent was covered in bird poo; so back to reception again and I got them to agree I could chose where I wanted to go. But the campsite restaurant was surprisingly cheap and actually quite good.

Drusenheim (FR) - Greffern (DE) Ferry

Drusenheim (FR) – Greffern (DE) Ferry

Eurovelo 15

Initially tarmac’d surface but with all the tree roots causing significant ridges, a bit like riding mile after miles over speed humps.

Through Strasbourg, few signs and lots of junctions making progress slow.

Some pleasant forested areas (but poor cycle path surface) north of Strasbourg, then mostly on roads through towns and cycle paths in the gutter of roads after that.

Gerstheim to Stollhofen

Today 37 miles (60 Km).

Altitude Profile


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