Europe 2019 Cycling: Route

The map below shows the full route for all countries visited. Other pages provide more detail about other aspects of the tour. Information About Tour provides more detail and links to further details or gear, what worked, what didn’t work, etc.. The table below the route map includes links to detailed daily reports.

Total distance for trip 2018 miles (3247 Km).

Breakdown of distance by country


Note that the sum of the country distances and the overall distance do not match. This is because distance within a country was not reset at the border so the full distance of a ride that crosses a border is counted in both countries. Apart from laziness, being accurate on border crossings is virtually impossible as there is often no border marking and a ride might re-cross borders multiple times.

A complete list of each day rides can be found at Europe 2019 Cycling: Complete Ride List

Other information

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