Europe 2018 Cycling: Gear

Listed below are the main gear/equipment items I took and not a complete list of everything packed and carried.


Before departing my “luggage” (4 panniers and a bar bag) weighed 20Kg (excluding water). Through the trip various additional items were purchased (e.g. to replace broken chair, GPS, stove etc.) and old items were not discarded so that weight undoubtedly increased by a few Kg through the trip.


  • Generis Croix de Fer 2014
    • Shimano Tiagra 4703 triple but with 11-34 cassette (configuration Shimano list as “incompatible” but worked very well, without any “compatibility” issues. the 34 cassette was considered crucial to get the lower gearing, closer to a “granny” gear)
  • Tubus Cargo Evo rear rack
  • Tubus  Tara front rack
  • Specialised cabled Cycle Computer (speed/distance)


  • Ortlieb Back Roller Classic panniers
  • Ortlieb Sport Roller Classic panniers
  • Ortlieb Ultimate Pro 6 M bar bag


My intention was to maintain my online record of my trip and thus the list of electronics is probably unusually extensive.

  • Phones/Tablets
    • Apple iPad 9.7″
    • Apple iPhone X
    • Apple Pencil, Airpods, SD card adapters, etc. (accessories)
    • Logitek bluetooth keyboard (not really used)
  • Charging
    • Anker 4 port 27W mains USB charger (4 ports was very very useful, all 4 being used at times)
    • Anker Powerport Solar 21W 2 port solar panel (very effective but would not charge iPhone X)
    • Anker PowerCore 20100 battery pack
  • Camera
    • Sony DSC-RX100M6 camera
  • Navigation/GPS
    • Wahoo Elemnt GPS (for navigation replaced by Garmin 1030 after repeated failures to work). The Wahoo failures are reviewed in detail on Wahoo Elemnt: Review
    • Garmin Edge 1030 GPS (for navigation purchased when Wahoo Elemnt turned out to be an overpriced heap of junk)
    • iPhone & iPad both had GPS
    • iPhone & iPad Apps
      • MapOut for offline general mapping and route consideration
      • Wahoo Elemnt Companion app (whilst Element was being used)
      • Garmin Connect (after switching to Garmin Edge 1030, although this app seemed to be of limited use for touring so was not really used – Garmin adding a few trivial features could make a massive difference to the app for touring e.g. supporting .tcx files on iPhone/iPad devices)
      • Many other navigation/GPS apps were loaded and available but not really used


  • Shelter/Sleeping
    • Nordisk Halland 2 LW tent (a 2 person tent but for longer trip with gear additional space considered worthwhile)
    • Thermarest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Mat
    • Mountain Equipment Helium 250 Down Sleeping bag
    • Rab Silk Sleeping Bag Liner
  • Cooking
    • MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Mini (failed)
    • Optimus Crux Lite Solo Cook System (replaced failed MSR Pocket Rocket)
    • 4 x 600ml Nalgene cycle water bottles (2 on bike, 2 in panniers)
  • Luxury
    • Thermarest Trekker Chair Kt 20 (failed)
    • Helinox Ground Chair (replaced failed Thermarest Trekker Chair)


  • 2 pairs cycling shorts
  • 2 cycling polo shorts
  • Five Ten Freerider canvas Dirt Shoes (for cycling)
  • 1 Hi-Vis waistcoat
  • 1 waterproof rain jacket
  • 1 Cycle Helmet (required by insurance, so had to be taken)
  • 1 pair Rohan Bags Shorts
  • 1 Rohan polo shirt
  • 1 pair Mountain Equipment Ibex long trousers
  • 1 Rohan long sleeved shirt
  • 2 pairs Rohan underpants
  • 1 pair Converse canvas shoes
  • 1 pair Deck flipflops
  • 2 cheap cotton T-shorts (purchased en route when weather turned colder)

As said above, this list is main items only. Do ask if more detail is wanted.

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