Phnom Sampeau Bat Cave

Asian Wrinkle-Lipped Bats

There are only 13 colonies of Asian wrinkle-lipped bats (Chaerephon plicatus) in Cambodia, totalling an estimates 6.5 million bats. The bats are not classed as threatened as their range includes a number of protected areas, they have a large population and there are no reasons to expect any rapid population decline.

The bats from the Phnom Sampeu colony will fly up to 30 miles (50 Km) from their roost to hunt their insect prey. They are regarded as useful as their prey include agricultural pests e.g. plant-hoppers that can destroy up to 60% of a rice harvest. Wrinkle-lipped bat colonies in Cambodia are estimated to save 2,000 tons of rice each year (enough to feed 21,000 people).

Each bat typically weights 15 grams and will eat 50%-100% of its weight each night.


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Phnom Sampeau Bat Cave
Phnom Sampeau Bat Cave

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