Another Day, Another Country

Best thing to do in Belgium … get out fast. So I did and now in I’m in the Netherlands.

Initially I was feeling a bit sad about leaving France, but in practice I’m glad to be out of the place. North Eastern France is a very different character from the western Normandy/Brittany/Pays de la Loire. And I don’t like North Eastern France – nice countryside and some fantastic cities but otherwise not such a nice place to be.

I was thinking about crossing to Vlissingen today but by the time I got here, then waiting for a ferry that runs every hour, then finding a campsite it would all be getting rather late. So I stayed on the southern side at a beach resort called Groede (village is called Groede and it is close to the beach). Massive and very expensive campsite, fully booked and they don’t take credit cards!

A lot of cycle paths today. In fact the entire route except for 1 mile through a housing estate all dedicated cycle paths. Belgian part, over 20 miles of

No Wi-Fi and rubbish phone signal so short entry today.

Gent to Groede (Netherlands)

Today 37 miles.


Altitude Profile

Another day when the overall maps are a bit more complex.
The full route for the Dutch part is at Netherlands 2018 Cycling
The full route for the Belgian part is at Belgium 2018 Cycling
The full route for the trip is at Europe 2018 Cycling

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