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Irrelevant Information

The name Psamathe is derived from Greek ψάμαθος (psamathos) meaning “sand of the seashore“. Psamathe is also the name of several characters in Greek mythology, including one of the Nereids, as well as the mortal mother of Linus. For this website the name was chosen for it being the name of one of Neptune’s moons (Neptune X a retrograde irregular satellite of Neptune discovered by Scott S. Sheppard and David C. Jewitt in 2003).

Domain Names

This site is under the domain name psamathe.net. It used to be psamathe.eu but then the UK had a temporary loss of sanity and decided it wanted to leave the EU and the European Commission decided when the UK left it would revoke the .eu domain names for UK resident registrants (giving only a few months notice). Then the UK managed to make a complete pig’s ear of everything so nobody had any idea where they stood (on anything). So psamathe.eu switched to psamathe.net and psamathe.eu was redirected to the new domain name (psamathe.net) and with the prospect of psamathe.eu being revoked nogoodnamesleft.net and no-good-names-left.net were registered and re-directed to the site.

So currently psamathe.net, psamathe.eu, nogoodnamesleft.net and no-good-names-left.net all access the same site. Despite the current uncertainty the diverts in place are 302 (permanent) diverts as psamathe.net is now the primary site domain (and is not subject to political stupidity).

As to what domain names will be used in the longer term, psamathe.net.

Domain Incite describes the situation well:

The British parliament is currently on the verge of deciding whether to leave the EU with a negotiated deal that nobody likes — the equivalent of sawing off a perfectly healthy testicle with a rusty blade for no reason — or to leave the EU with no deal — the equivalent of sawing off both perfectly healthy testicles with a rusty blade for no reason.

The option of keeping both testicles intact and attached is unlikely to be put to the British people because two years ago we were all assured that amateur backstreet castration was fricking awesome …..

(from “UK tells .eu registrants to lawyer up as no-deal Brexit looms”
by TLD Research Ltd’s Domain Incite Blog)


Wikimedia Foundation: Psamathe also contributes to some of the Wikimedia Foundation projects, primarily Wikivoyage and Wikimedia Commons as PsamatheM.

OpenStreetMap: Psamathe contributes to OpenStreetMap as user Psamathe.