23 Jan 2019: Diary

The photo above is a patio umbrella attached to the motorbike. Last few weeks I’ve been somewhat remote and local transport in the area is based on loads of such motorbikes with umbrellas and they are in effect the local taxi operation. So when you want to go in to the local town you stand by the main road and wait for an empty one to pass (normally a few minutes), flag it down, get on the back and have a ride into town for 2 Bs (20p UK). Umbrellas in rain to keep you dry and umbrellas in sun to provide shade. And contrary to all expectations, they stay on at speed and seem stable. And there seem few limits to numbers (of people) or what can be carried. Saw one the other day where the passenger was carrying a ladder.

I’m travelling again.

I spent the last few weeks working caring for rescued monkeys (capuchins and spider monkeys). Monkeys rescued from the illegal wildlife trade and each facing major challenges after the damage humans have inflicted on them. Hence I considered it worthwhile to break from travels to work caring for them for a few weeks. The rescue organisation has three centres, I worked at the one specialising in monkeys and worked with those facing the greatest challenges and maybe the bleakest futures.

So into Cochabamba. I hardly saw it on my way out but nice to have a day to look around.


Photo below was taken in a shower – but it all seemed to work OK and is not particularly unusual

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