17 Dec 2018: Diary

Now in (or rather beside) Lake Titicaca, staying in Puno (↥3.8 Km/2.4 miles).

Overnight bus ride from Cusco provided another “traditional” Peruvian experience (though far more common in Bolivia). A local protest started at midnight and closed the road overnight. So at 02:00 am the bus had to turn round and try and find another way round. And up on the Altiplano, roads are not very common and the “way round” was an extra 9 hr detour. Such protests are not uncommon. This one was protesting against pollution being caused by local mines. All part of travelling in this part of the world.

Then the bus decided its tyres needed attention so another stop, wheels off, etc. But there were some “shops” and one had coffee which was another 1st for me as coffee to take away meant an old empty Coca Cola bottle, a funnel in the top, spoon in some instant coffee, milk powder, sugar, then tip the sugar out as I din’t take sugar, before washing it all into the bottle using hot water from a flask, finally lid on and give it a good shake. And it worked!

So a scheduled 7 hr bus ride ended-up taking 17 hrs.

My altitude tolerance seems to be improving as much of the bus ride was at 4½ Km and I was getting off and on the bus without noticing the altitude.

Early start tomorrow, but I’m unsure because right now it’s chucking it down outside with thunderstorms all around. It all started a few hours ago and I went out for supper but the roads are complete rivers so found a bakery a few doors down from the hostel that didn’t involve crossing any roads/rivers.

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